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Looking for a mentor?

Learn about working with a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist

Who is mentorship for?

CoreCAAB is a subgroup of the Animal Behavior Society and is offering a unique mentoring opportunity to prepare individuals with a serious interest in animal behavior and learning theory for related careers. Mentoring provides opportunities to observe and gain hands-on experience with one or more species.

A mentor will share their knowledge, skills and experience to help you with your career. We offer both one-on-one and distance mentoring for individuals seeking a relationship with a Certified Animal Behaviorist in order to apply for certification.

If you are interested in evidence -based approaches to working with small or large animals, in a private practice or other setting, we can help. CoreCAAB is a resource to provide education and hand-on experience. We can assist if you are considering or planning to seek certification, or if you are not sure if certification is right for you.

The following ACAAB/CAAB offer either teleconference, and/or in -person sessions. Some work directly with dogs, cats and horses or other species in a private practice, shelter, or lab animal setting. Others work in academia or research. Depending on your needs, they can conduct one on one counseling for cases that you are currently working on or prepare you for certification.

What to expect from Mentoring:
A mentor will listen to your questions, collect more information, constructively challenge during discussions, and provide guidance and direction depending on your needs.

    If you’d like to apply to become a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist, you can visit the Animal Behavior Society website for application information.


    What will your mentor want to know?

    Be prepared to discuss the following with your prospective mentor: 

    • Your academic and professional background and current situation. It will help them to know what you would like to focus on.

    Share your professional goals and aspirations such as:

    • What is your area of interest in animal behavior?
    • Do you plan on applying for ABS certification in the future?
    • What would you most hope to gain from the mentoring program and how will it help you advance your career?

    General participation requirements

    (varies according to each mentor)


    • Must be at least 18 years of age.
    • A high school education, with at least some college courses preferably in psychology and learning theory.
    • An undergraduate degree in psychology, and planning to attend/attending graduate school with the goal of certification with the ABS; or veterinarians/veterinary students
    • Applicants must have a serious interest in pursuing a career in animal related sciences and an emphasis on animal behavior.
    • If working in-person with a mentor, the applicant must have health and trainer insurance.